Marek Krajewski – surprisingly good writer from Poland

As you may know – I really like crime stories (and horrors too). I usually read Australian and American authors, but recently I’ve heard, that European authors are also pretty awesome.

I really don’t remember how, but about 3 months ago I came across author named Marek Krajewski. He is from Poland and at that time I wasn’t even sure, if this is real country… Joking, of course. But seriously – I didn’t know anything about this place, so I wasn’t sure if I should risk my time and give a chance to this no-name-for-me-at-the-time author. But I really found “Death in Breslau” plot summary interesting. What happened next?

We are 3 months later, and Marek Krajewski is one of my favourite non-American authors of crime stories. I’ve read all of his translated to English book, and – I have to say – it wasn’t easy to acquire most of them. World, which he creates in his books, is dark and naturalistic. Protagonists are fascinating, somehow unreal and obscure, but yet still likable.

And last but not least – language. It may be somehow virtuosity of translator (I doubt it though), but I really enjoyed this metaphoric, rhetorical language.

I’ve heard that Norwegian writers are really good too. Hope to find out by myself soon.

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