Rolling Loud – the biggest hip-hop festival in the world

May is coming, so I’m really excited to see, how the newest edition of Rolling Loud Festival will turn up. I’ve heard so much about this event, and this year dreams are coming true – I’m going to Miami! Crazy 🙂

I was afraid that I would not complete all the formalities, I wasn’t sure if a visa is required. It turned out that New Zealand citizens don’t need this document to go to the US for tourism – All you need is so called Esta – learn more. So I’m Good 🙂

This year’s lineup is amazing. Three days full of top-notch artists like Cardi B, Lil Wayne, 21 Savage or Lil Pump. It’s really hard to say who I want to see the most. I expect straight fire and I’m pretty sure that I won’t be disappointed.

The journey itself might be difficult though. About 24 hours by the plane…

I plan to spend another 5 days in Miami. Short period but I hope to see all most important places – Down Town, Miami Beach, Little Havana. I’ve heard that place is great. I also hope to spend one whole day on a beach – just laying down and listening to music. And, maybe, drinking mojito 🙂

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