Traveling – great way to experience foreign cultures

As You may notice, I’m big fan of foreign cultures. I like reading books from all over the world. Some of my favourite music bands are from Europe or some other countries. That’s why I really love to get to know other cultures.

I really think that traveling helps a lot with that. When we are spending some time abroad we can see how other people are spending their free time, what type of music they like, what they eat or how they live. It is very fascinating for me, so I’m planning in the near future the big trip to the Europe.

I would like to spend there something about 3 moths – every few weeks in some other country. I think that it will be a great adventure and I will get to know other cultures. Maybe even I will find some new friends – and who knows – maybe they will visit me in the future. I’m planning to go there with my friends, some of them will spend whole time with me and some will go with me only for a few weeks. But we are all very excited about that. Of course, I’ll let you know how it went.

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